8 Reasons Why Should You Do Video MarketingšŸŽ„


Video marketing is an increasingly popular way for businesses to engage with their customers and potential audiences, resulting in increased brand awareness, improved customer loyalty, and greater ROI. With its ability to captivate viewers and evoke strong emotions, video content can be a powerful tool for connecting with consumers on a deeper level. By leveraging this medium, companies can effectively communicate their message in a memorable way that helps achieve business objectives.Ā 

It can seem intimidating for those just getting started with video marketing at first ā€“ but the rewards are worth it! Here are some of the most compelling reasons why businesses should be utilizing video as part of their overall digital strategy

8 Major Reasons Why You Should Do Video Marketing

Email’s Best Friend:

Even persuading a reader to open an email in today’s fast-paced environment may be a significant problem. According to a new study, merely using the word “video” in your subject line will raise your CTR by 200 to 300 percent. This is why an increasing number of marketers are using video content in their email marketing; this might include anything from exhibiting an item that a client has abandoned to a welcome email for a first-time customer.

A strategically placed video inside your email marketing plan may engage, enlighten, and convince. We already know that consumers love viewing videos on any other sort of media, so why not combine this with your other marketing efforts?

Video Marketing is Available Anywhere, Anytime:

Video isn’t merely adaptive and interesting. Additionally, it is convenient to eat on the desktop and on the move. It is no secret that consumers prefer to view videos on the move, given the emergence of Facebook and YouTube as mobile platforms.

Since 2013, mobile video views have increased by 233%, and this trend is continuing. YouTube has stated that mobile video consumption rises annually by 100 percent. With video content being available everywhere and appealing to even the most unmotivated prospective viewers, it is an essential marketing tool for reaching a big customer base at any time.

The Future of Video is Bright:

As technology continues to adapt and evolve, so does our use of it. For video material, this implies that there are now more ways than ever to engage and receptive viewers. From one-to-one marketing videos to live streams, it is essential to analyze how videos may be used for maximum effect.

With the future of VR, AR, and streaming services at your disposal, now is the ideal moment to launch your video content strategy, keeping abreast of the newest methods to reach your audience.

Move-in Before Your Competition Does:

Currently, 92% of digital marketers consider video content to be an integral component of their marketing strategy. This is up from 78% in 2015 and will continue to rise as more and more professionals see the mountain of advantages that videos offer to a campaign. There is nothing worse than developing a film that adheres to the best standards and processes only to have it suffocated by the abundance of existing videos. Therefore, it is essential to act swiftly and distinguish yourself from the competition by forging a recognizable identity.

However, it is essential not to produce video after video with inferior material. Fewer, high-quality videos with a large number of views are superior to an abundance of videos with few views. Creating video content needs forethought since consistent, high-quality material can increase your exposure and help you establish yourself as a reputable source before viewers turn to your competition.

Google Loves Optimised Video Content:

In addition to being terrific components of many marketing initiatives and an excellent content delivery method, marketers like videos’ impact on their search engine results page position. If you make an effort to ensure that your video content is SEO-optimized with a fantastic and relevant thumbnail, an eye-catching title, and high-quality content, videos may generate a significant amount of organic traffic to your site, hence boosting your position and increasing your views. As can be seen, Google likes to display videos (particularly from YouTube) on page 1 for many keywords with strong intent.

You may add links to essential portions of your website, such as landing pages, on YouTube, bringing external customers straight to where you want them to go and concurrently boosting organic development (which search engines love). However, the issue here is balance. If you include an excessive number of links or calls to action, the customer may feel pressured. We’ve all seen videos like this. They become useless and obnoxious and have the potential to completely deter viewers from considering you again.

Video Can Build Relationships Between a Brand, and It’s Customers: 

We already know that consumers like viewing videos and that video content drives sales, but there is more to consider. Well-tailored content may increase audience interaction and communication, lending your brand a sense of dependability, trustworthiness, and sincerity – attributes that are vital to customers seeking to connect with a company.

External evaluations are valuable resources for marketers to examine. By cooperating with a prominent influencer to evaluate your product or service, you are not only projecting honesty and building trust with viewers, but you are also distributing information about your brand through popular influencers.

Video Content Can Increase Conversion Rates: 

You read it correctly. According to recent research, adding videos to your product or service website may boost sales by 144%. An “explainer video” is an excellent method to use video material on a product or service landing page. This is an opportunity for a consumer to view a little film to understand everything about your product or service, often in an engaging or amusing manner.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the situation. Video material is in constant flux. Currently, key trends to consider are product videos (live demonstrations of your product or service) and product reviews, but more on these later. This material interests customers, and incorporating it on product and service pages may significantly increase conversions and purchases.

Consumers and Video Content:

If you’re not persuaded that video marketing is advantageous or useful, maybe this data will convince you: Video content comprises 11% of all material published to Facebook and receives 8 billion daily views, and that’s before we include Facebook Live and its Story features. Recent case studies indicate that YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google and the second-most popular website worldwide, with an estimated 1 billion hours per day spent viewing video content.

The fact is that people like watching videos. They are approachable, amusing, and often informative. By not using video content marketing, firms stand to lose out on a massive audience and potential profit.


In conclusion, video marketing is a powerful tool that businesses should use to their advantage. Companies can reach an entirely new audience and increase brand awareness by creating engaging and informative videos about their products or services. Video marketing also allows for more creative expression, as it allows companies to create content tailored to their target audience. Additionally, video marketing can help build trust and relationships with customers by fostering conversations and providing helpful information in real time.Ā 

When used strategically and effectively, video marketing has the potential to help businesses succeed while providing excellent value to their customers. As such, video marketing is certainly worth investing in for any business looking to achieve extraordinary growth. 

Ultimately, itā€™s important to remember that all forms of video marketing need to be tailored toward specific goals and objectives. Companies must take the time to create an effective strategy that leverages their unique strengths in order to maximize the impact of their videos. 

With a little bit of planning and dedication, any business can make use of video marketing and experience positive results for themselves and their customers. Thereā€™s no better time than now to get started with video marketing, as it will ultimately be beneficial to businesses, both large and small, in the long run.