4 WordPress Blog Scheduler Plugins – Auto Re-publishing


If you are a WordPress user, you know the importance of posting your post at the right time. In such a case, you must use a WordPress Blog Scheduler plugin. You must aim at posting your posts at the right time to get enough likes and views. This varies from country to country. If you are a writer, this is something you must research very thoroughly about the same.

However, there might be instances when you might be busy at that particular time. Sometimes, the time may be so odd that it might be impossible to post. In such a scenario, you might require a plugin that will help you post at that particular time and date. 

In this era, consistency matters. If you stop posting, you might lose out on views for your next post. There might be people who have turned out the post notifications of your post. You do not want to disappoint them by not posting, right?

People are watching, people are observing. They keep an eye on your posting pattern. Therefore, it is necessary to post on time to keep your readers loyal to your writing.

Well, that is what you will find in this article. We have put forward the 4 best WordPress Blog Scheduler Plugins that will help you to perform your task very efficiently. Read on to find out more!

Best 4 WordPress Blog Scheduler Plugin

Following are a few WordPress blog scheduler plugins you might want to take into consideration as options. 


Just like the name sounds, you only need to put it into the calendar when you need to post what. You can schedule your posts ahead of time. 

wordpress blog scheduler: editorial calendar

Draft all your posts first. Then you can put them on the calendar. There, you can see the unscheduled posts as well. You can take the unscheduled posts out of the drawer. Then, you can drag and drop the unscheduled posts to the calendar. This can be done very easily. Here are a few features of this WordPress Blog Scheduler:


  • See a calendar of the posts and their scheduled date and time
  • You can drag and drop posts to change their publishing schedule
  • Edit post titles, contents, and times quickly from the dashboard view
  • Easily see the status of your posts
  • Manage posts from multiple authors.

Additionally, you can edit or change the scheduled date of a particular post depending on your needs. With the help of anchors, you can easily see the different posts that have been scheduled on the calendar. You can easily see the status of your posts.


The Auto Post Scheduler is another WordPress blog scheduler plugin that will help you to post your blogs at regular intervals. This Auto Post Scheduler is by Super Blog Me. With the plugin, you can even recycle old posts. 

wordpress blog scheduler plugin: auto post scheduler

If you are aiming at posting something regularly, you might want to think of this plugin as the best one. You can use this plugin if you are posting with multiple authors too.


  • Publishes posts at the exact time you want
  • Flexibility to specify the exact date 
  • Provides you with timely distribution of posts

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WP Scheduled Posts is another amazing option you might want to think of. It is the best extension when it comes to scheduling your WordPress posts for a site that has different admins and writers.

wordpress blog scheduler plugin:  wp scheduled posts

One of the features of this plugin is that it is completely free. In the free version, you can make your own post schedule calendar and also choose to allow access to the plugins based on the user roles.

You can get full control when it comes to user access, category type, post type, and all of the variables out there. You can go beyond just scheduling a post. 

In a very systematic manner, you will be able to see the topics that are planned to be published. This will be visible on the Dashboard and the Admin bar. You can also set up the custom template and style you like in the admin bar itself for the posts that are scheduled.


  • Super-handy
  • Completely free
  • Full control on category type, post type and other variables as well
  • Topics are visible in the Dashboard and Admin bar
  • Settling up of custom template available


Bump The Schedule is one of the options you might want to consider if you are a person who posts a lot of content. 

Just in case you fall sick or you have some other emergency, you might want to take up this option. If you are a person who post daily, you cannot push your schedule because of a temporary sickness. Sometimes, you might be stuck in an exam. Or maybe, there might be a situation where you completely forgot about the posting. In this case, as well, you will find Bump The Schedule very handy. 

With Bump The Schedule, you can also push your posting forward by a few days. Let’s say something big has happened in the industry you are writing about. You might want to cover that first before anything else. So, you can just reschedule all your posts. 

But don’t worry, you need not sit and reschedule every post. With the help of Bump The Schedule, you can do it with a single click. 


  • You can change the schedule of all of the post with just one click
  • You can add another post in between the schedule


Before taking up any plugin, you might want to consider a few things. 

First of all, you need to understand whether or not the plugin is easy to use. If it is not user-friendly, there is no point in investing in it. You cannot keep struggling to use the plugin. 

Another aspect that you might want to consider the additional features the plugin has apart from scheduling posts. It is vital to take into account the number of users using the plugin. If it is more than two users, you might want to take up a particular plugin. The number of authors of a particular blog post also matters. A different plugin might be required in that case as well. 

In the end, you might want to think about the pricing. If it is free, you must look out for loopholes. If you are satisfied with the free versions, you should not bother putting in your money into a paid plugin software.