WordPress CRM plugins- 5 Best Plugins of 2021 


With the new year, let everything be something new that we can learn from—something to imbibe knowledge from and deliver knowledge to.

All of us are aware of the world of WordPress – the tool that has given a new meaning to the world of websites and the internet. 

With the appropriate WordPress CRM plugins, there is nothing you can’t do to bring your customer relationship management close to perfection! 

The Best CRM Plugins for WordPress

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the top 5 WordPress CRM plugins in 2021. That will give your company a great kick-start for this new year. 


WordPress CRM plugins

WP ERP is short for WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning. WordPress offers this plugin that can look after all the branches of your internal and external relationships. 

It can look after your customer relationship. 

It also looks after your leads and manages customers, or say if you want to deal with your Human resources ( on the internal aspect field) or manage your accounts. 

So, let’s not go into all that and focus majorly on the CRM aspect of this plugin first. 

Well, how can this new plugin help you do your CRM? 

Here’s how. 

It can add custom fields to gather additional information, sync with quite a several tools to import contacts, set up automated workflows to create connections, and send emails. 

  • It can send emails to contacts directly through your WordPress dashboard. 
  • It’s also associated with advanced contact search, helpful dashboard overview, managing vast chunks of internal notes, staff management along with your unlimited contacts, managing your activity log, go log all your calls, meetings, texts, and emails quickly.
  • It separates areas to manage your B2B relationship. You get the opportunity to include multiple representatives for a single company. 

WP ERP is integrated with many e-commerce, help desk, and other tools like Zendesk, Help Scout, Gravity Forms, HubSpot, Salesforce, MailChimp, Awesome support, and WooCommerce. 

And the best question of all. The pricing? 

The core plugin is free, and you can easily find it at WordPress.org. 

You can also add on Premium Extensions for a better experience. Some of the options that you’d be getting are : 

Starter: $149 per year, which is for four extensions. 

Essential: 9 extensions cost $399 

Business: For all recent and future extensions – $599 

HubSpot All-in-one Marketing 

WordPress CRM plugins

It is a well known CRM and inbound sales tool that provides functionality that is 100% free. On the New York Stock Exchange, it’s been rated a 6 billion dollar company which means this is slightly larger than the average WordPress plugin developer. 

The key features would include that you don’t have to open the plugin whenever you want to work with it because you can access your contacts from inside your dashboard. The CRM is not hosted on the servers of the site itself. 

This plugin automatically syncs with any existing plugins on your website. This will happen even if you have created them using a different plugin. It will add all emails that you will collect through those forms to your CRM. 

You can create Forms if you don’t want to use a different form of a plugin. You can have pop-ups and live chat to chat with your customers via a live chat widget. It also helps you do your email marketing by designing and sending emails with just a drag-and-drop editor. 

For example, if someone is trying to reach you through your live chat widget, they will automatically be added to your CRM by HubSpot. Simple, no? 

HubSpot is available with 300 and more integrations. It’s such a big player in the SaaS CRM world that there are very few chances that you would find a CRM plugin that comes anywhere close to the integrations that HubSpot would give you. 

It gives you a Zapier Integration that helps you to connect to any of the apps that you find on Zapier. This is in addition to integrations like email marketing, payment, etc. It might as well be the best CRM plugin available for you out there. 

Also, how is it that such a huge company is giving out its tools for free? They ultimately want you to purchase their paid services tools for marketing, sales, or customer service, that’s all, which you can ignore and continue to take advantage of a robust tool, free of cost. 


wp crm

This one of the free WordPress CRM plugins for your WordPress website. It doesn’t have a perfect interface, though. It’s not that flashy but would give you good user organization, front-end forms, the option to add custom details, and more. 

The features provided to you by the WP-CRM tool are the same that the first tool mentioned in this blog.

  •  It enables you to send group messages to multiple owners, the addition of internal notes, views charts for data, creates custom emails, create front-end forms to gather leads, sends emails, and use advanced filters. 
  • These are just in addition to the ones mentioned in the first tool. 
  • The main plugin is available free of cost at WordPress.org. A single feature enables you to send group messages to multiple users. To do this, you must sign up for an account to get a license. You don’t need to pay a penny extra for this. 

WP-CRM integrates with the WP-Invoice plugin from the same developer. 



This is another one of the free WordPress CRM plugins available for you to improve your CRM. It is almost entirely free. If you’re looking for a functional and free tool, this will work for you, much like the WP-CRM tool. 

If your business includes individual WordPress installs, it could be a good option if your plugin could have a feature that could let you manage your leads from multiple sites. Guess what? UpiCRM would do just the right kind of work for you. 

  • It’s time to discuss its important features. 
  • It can help you collect leads from any plugin like Ninja forms, gravity forms, Contact Form 7, etc. It enables you to assign leads to individual users and notifies you when you get new emails when a new lead comes in. 
  • The team of UpiCRM collects and compiles leads from multiple servers using a built-in master/slave functionality. 
  • It can track sources for leads using UTM tags or traffic sources.
  • You can set up automatic actions based on triggers (change the lead status when it’s assigned to ‘A’ user). 
  • It can have dashboards to show KPIs and key reports, uses statuses like ‘in process’, ‘qualified’, ‘closing’ to organize the leads. 

Although it doesn’t have a lot of integration, just like the WP-CRM, it does have one with Google Sheets. 

This integration allows you to import leads from Google sheets into the plugin in concern here, the UpiCRM. If you want to import some data from Zapier to this one, you can first import it to Google sheets and then pull that data into the UpiCRM. 

To add the Google sheet integration, you have to pay $29. Otherwise, it’s free of cost. 

Zero BS WordPress CRM 

jetpack CRM

You must have heard about the company called Automattic. This company is responsible for WordPress properties like WordPress.com, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. So this plugin, the Zero BS CRM was bought by Automattic in 2019. 

With around 30 premium extensions, Zero BS CRM comes with a core free-of-cost plugin for managing your WordPress customer’s relationship.

It would help you manage your customers unlimitedly, build detailed profiles and have them segmented as required, and creates proposals, invoices, and quotes, allowing you to see the transactions per customer. 

It helps you to see your sales funnel analytics. Besides, you get to offer your dedicated client portal. 

You get to collaborate with many SaaS and WordPress tools, make your forms on the internet, and send direct emails. This plugin uses trusted integration with WooCommerce to use it as an e-commerce CRM. 

Well, you get to have your automation sequences! 

Check out the list of integrations that this plugin offers. 

  • Email marketing services –  AWeber, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and more.
  • Payment systems – PayPal, Stripe, and more. 
  • WooCommerce – This integration will get even tighter since Automattic, currently owns both WooCommerce and Zero BS CRM.
  • Lead generation tools – for example, the OptinMonster, Exit Bee, and more.
  • Form plugins – which include the Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms.

The core plugin is free, but you must pay for the premium extensions. They cost around $29 to $129 each. This cheaper extension costs $129 and enables you to have four wings: Gravity Forms, PayPal Sync, Woo Sync, and Invoicing Pro. 


If you’re yet to figure out which WordPress CRM plugins would be the best for you, then hear this out. 

The HubSpot All-in-one Marketing tool is versatile, free, and robust. But it can get a little overwhelming if you don’t want something so functional. 

With the Automattic acquisition, Zero BM CRM would be a good idea for people who are not looking for something like the HubSpot All-in-one Marketing plugin. Hence, it does a great job of giving you precisely what you require without going through all those extra features.