10 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins – Compared


One of such plugin types is the image optimization plugin. This helps you to speed up your website. The images that you upload are the basis for the speed of your website.

In this article, you will get an overview of the different types of WordPress image optimization plugin options you can use.

List of Top Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress

1. ShortPixel

wordpress image optimization plugin: shortpixel

ShortPixel is an image optimizer that is used by more than 200,000 sites. There are two versions of ShortPixel. ShortPixel Image Optimizer can resize and compress your images automatically using multiple levels of lossy or lossless compression. It can compress JPG, PNG, GIF, and even PDF documents for you to save on your bandwidth and speed up your website media.

The pain plan can convert and deliver images in WebP format along with keeping a backup of the original image as well.

You will find that ShortPixel is extremely easy to use. You need to use an API key to get yourself started. With ShortPixel, you can:

  • Choose the compression level as per requirement 
  • Control the availability of the backup of the original image
  • Select the maximum dimensions that can be set to automatically resize the images
  • Bulk optimize images on your site

There is an option to use the free version, however, there is a limit to that. Optimization of 100 images without any restrictions can be done.

You can then take up the monthly subscription or else you can take a one-time package. There is a chance to optimize 5,000 images a month at $4.99 being the cheapest. You can optimize 10,000 images with the one0time package that charges you $9.99.

2. Imagify WordPress Image Optimization Plugin

wordpress image optimization plugin imagify

Imagify is an image optimizer that can function well with WP Rocket for an excellent performance of the website. It automatically optimizes images with three different lossy and lossless compression levels. You have the flexibility to add custom folders you can choose which thumbnail size you wish to optimize your image to. Imagify keeps a backup of the original image always.

Imagify is extremely user-friendly. You will have to generate an API key to connect to the Imagify service which will then unlock the full interface. There is a freedom that you can choose to configure the creation and display of WebP images. Moreover, also have the choice to choose the resize options. You might want to set a maximum width and then preserve the aspect ratio.

Imagify allows you to optimize images up to 25 MB per month. If you want to optimize small images, the free plan will work just fine.

You will have to take up monthly plans or a one-time plan if that is not enough. The pricing starts at $4.99 per month for 1 GB and for the one-time plan the cheapest is $5.99 for 500 MB.

3. EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin

wordpress image optimization plugin: EWWW image optimizer

The EWWW Image Optimizer is one of a kind that will help you optimize your images in an easy manner. This uses your own server to optimize the images. You can use your own server resources. You can pay and connect via an API if you want to. The EWWW Image Optimizer will help you optimize JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files. You can choose to compress your images by four methods. Without too much hassle, you can convert the PNG file to a JPG file and vice versa. 

You can get all of the features for free, that is for unlimited usage. You will have to pay for the connection of the cloud optimization services etc.

The compression plan costs $0.003/image. The plan with the CDN is for $9 per month. 

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4. Kraken WordPress Image Optimization Plugin

wordpress image optimizer plugin: kraken

Kraken is one of the compression services that uses lossy and lossless compression methods. You can automatically resize the images to specified max dimensions. There is a freedom to choose the thumbnails that will help you optimize the images.

In order to begin, you will have to generate a Kraken API key to connect your site to the service. 

Kraken will give you a one-time 100 MB credit for free. Post that, the plans start at $5 per month. This is applicable for 500 MB of images.

5. Smush 

wordpress image optimizer plugin: smush

Smush is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. You will have access to the free and the paid version. The features have been distinguished:

Free Version:

  • Optimize bulkly 50 images together
  • Strip off EXIF metadata
  • Auto resize of the image dimensions
  • Auto compression images with lossless compression

Paid Version:

  • Backup of the original image
  • Automatic conversion from PNGs to JPEGs

You do not have to use any API key to get connected to Smush.

You can optimize the image for free if your image size is up to 5 MB. This is for lossless compression. If you want a lossy compression, you can take a paid version which costs about $49 as the subscription for a month.

6. WP Compress WordPress Image Optimization Plugin

wordpress imagine optimizer plugin: WP compress

Another image optimizer is WP Compress. This is one of the latest plugins. There are three compression levels that are used. It automatically compresses images on upload and bulk compresses older images. You can delete the EXIF data. You will have to add your API key to get yourself on track.

You will be able to optmize the first 100 images for free but after you exhaust that, the membership will start at $5 for up to 1,000 images.

7. TinyPNG 

tiny png

TinyPNG or TinyJPG allws you to optimize your images for your WordPress site. It only supports lossy compression without affecting the quality of the image. You can find the dimensions being automatically resized. Additionally, it also removes EXIF information. You will require your API key to get yourself started. 

It compresses JPEG and PNG images and lets you optimize up to 50 images per month at no cost. You then only have to pay for your usage. After which you will have to pay $0.009 for the next 10,000 images, and then you will have to just pay $0.002 per image!


You might first want to understand if you want a Max Lossy to a Lossless compression. After that, you will be able to choose the best option that has been put forward to you.


Why is image optimization important for WordPress websites?

Image optimization is important for WordPress websites because images can significantly slow down a website’s loading speed. Slow loading speeds can negatively impact user experience and search engine rankings. By optimizing images, website owners can reduce the file size of images without sacrificing image quality, which can result in faster page load times.

Are these plugins free or paid?

Some of these plugins offer both free and paid versions, while others are only available as paid plugins. The free versions usually have limitations on the number of images that can be optimized and the level of compression that can be applied, while the paid versions offer more advanced features and no limitations.

Can I use more than one image optimization plugin on my WordPress website?

It is generally not recommended to use more than one image optimization plugin on your WordPress website as they may conflict with each other and cause issues. It is best to choose one plugin that meets your needs and use it consistently.

Can I manually optimize images on my WordPress website?

Yes, you can manually optimize images on your WordPress website by compressing images before uploading them and resizing images to an appropriate size. However, using an image optimization plugin can automate the process and ensure that all images are optimized consistently.