WordPress Recipe Plugins For Food Blogs

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People have different types of blogs on WordPress. Such examples are fashion, travel, lifestyle, and food blogs. If you are a food blogger looking for WordPress Recipe Plugins for food blogs, you are at the right place. 

A food blogger is one of the most popular blogger types you will find online. A food blogger can also be of various types. You could choose to be a food review blogger or a blogger who puts forward different types of easy recipes for your readers.

The main reason why people will come to your site is not because of your content, but the way you present your page.

We are here to take all your worries away. In this article, we will put forward different ways in which you can easily make your blog page stand out from the rest!

10 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins For Food Blogs


One of the options for the WordPress Recipe plugins you can consider is the WP Recipe Maker. This is one of the plugins that allow you to put in your recipes to any post or page of your choice. This can be done very easily. One more additional feature of this plugin is that it provides you with the most important tool known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is so that people are directed towards your page. 

wordpress recipe plugin: wp recipe maker

Here are a few basic features you must know about this plugin. For example, you can add photos or a video with the post in a very hassle-free way. Also, you can use this plugin with the classic editor or the new Gutenberg editor. There is also a feature where the people who visit your page can post comments about your recipe!


If you are hunting for an alternative, you might want to think about Le Chef. This is one of the premium plugins you will find.

It barely costs $22 – this can be used for 6 months of support. It is created by a power elite author. 

wordpress recipe plugin: le chef

An amazing feature of this WordPress recipe plugin is that there are easy add time and estimated duration for the recipes. Moreover, this plugin allows you to have a grocery list – this is so that the readers or customers can buy the products from you directly in case they do not have the ingredients. It also lets your audience add their recipes from the front-end submission. Of course, you can choose whether or not to publish them.


Another option you could consider is the Cooked WordPress recipe plugin master. This will facilitate you to make and present your recipes on WordPress very easily. 

wordpress recipe plugin: cooked

You may first want to know about the features of the free version. You could automatically get the structure of the recipe in Google – yes, such an option does exist. This is one of the few drag and drop builders to make your design look the way you want it to – you can add directions, cooking times, ingredients and even the difficulty level of the recipe with complete ease. Additionally, it is extremely user friendly!

In the pro version, the users are allowed to rate your recipe. There is a modern grid layout and full width layout added to the pro version. Users can even add your recipe into their favourites and save it for later in their profiles!

What you can do is that you can try it for free before purchasing the pro license.

  • For a single-site license, you might have to pay $49.
  • For the unlimited license, you might be required to pay $199.


Zip Recipes is one of the free WordPress Recipe plugins you will find online. This has been designed in such a way that they have actually been built to work with the Google Search View. This helps to display your content in the search engine itself. This makes your recipe search engine optimized. Along with that, you can give your page your own personalized touch.

wordpress recipe plugins: zip recipes

With this WordPress plugin, every recipe that you put in will be customizable. You will basically have to enter each and every detail of the recipe. This will make your recipe stand out from the rest of your competitors. And of course, you can add pictures to help people understand your recipes in a better way. 

There is not much difference between the pro and the free version of Zip Recipes. So, you might want to just think once before taking up the paid one. 


To make your WordPress recipe stand out from the rest, you might want to take up this plugin too. This world within WordPress itself. In each block, you can include a huge number of things. It can go from the images of your food to a video, you can also choose to add pictures of the ingredients you are going to use so that people get a clearer picture of your recipe. You might want to add the calories per serving too – just to stand out from the rest of the people offering a similar recipe. 

wordpress recipe plugins: recipe card blocks

With the pro version of this plugin, you will get a handful of color schemes and recipe card styles. The users will be able to rate your recipe too!

  • The pro version costs as low as $59!

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This is one of the few tools that will help you customize your experience the way you want. This is one of the free recipe plugins you will find. Even the advanced features are free of cost.

wordpress recipe plugin: delicious recipes

You can get an interactive recipe wherein there will be reader comments, stars, and social shares. And of course, there is SEO optimization as well. 


This is a premium plugin that you will have to purchase from CodeCanyon. It aids you to make your own recipes very easily. 

wordpress recipe plugins: recipe box

The users can rate your recipes in a hassle-free manner. You can add a description, image, instruction, cook time, ingredients, category of the recipe – anything that will make your recipe stand out. 

  • The plugin costs just $20 only!


The cookBook is one additional option you might want to consider. This is a premium recipe that will help you to optimize your content to the SEO standards. Your recipe is even printable for people who want to have a hard copy. You can also add details about nutrition to your posts.

wordpress recipe plugins: cookbook

It costs only $59 annually. For a printable service, this is a very reasonable price. 


This is a plugin where you can easily import your recipes from other popular plugins! You can convert your recipes all at once or one by one – depending on your requirement. There is a choice to optimize your content for Google and Pinterest. Adding videos has become easy too!

wordpress recipe plugins: tasty recipes

Even here, your recipes are printable. If your recipe is successful, you might get money from ad companies!

  • It is for $79 as an annual subscription.


This is an advanced version of the WordPress recipe plugin that is fully loaded with features. This is not absolutely complex to understand but there are some extra features that will take time to understand. You can also add your customizable serving sizes to the recipes.

Even here, people are allowed to take prints of your recipes. You can use custom tags to organize your recipes too.


Before choosing the WordPress recipe plugin, you might want to do a little more research about customer reviews about each of the plugins. This is so that you do know everything about the plugin and do not make any errors while you purchase the subscription.

Another thing you could do is that you can try the free version first. Make sure that you explore everything. If you do not require anything extra than that is provided by the free version, you can continue using the free version. But if you want something more, you might want to take up the premium versions of the plugins mentioned above.

Also, try using only one type of plugin. This will help people identify your recipe quickly.