5 Free Squeeze Page Builders For WordPress

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squeeze page builders

A squeeze page builder is one that aims at capturing opt-in email addresses from the people who visit your website. This is in the assumption that they might be potential subscribers. Basically, a squeeze page ‘squeezes’ out the email from the viewers of your post. Most marketing firms use this to build up their customer base. 

To do this, you must use the best plugin so that it is effective.

If you are using WordPress and are looking for a squeeze page builder, then you are at the right place.

Put forward is a list of free Squeeze page builders you might want to take into consideration. Read more to find out!

Best Options to Consider As Squeeze Page Builders

options to consider squeeze page builders

WordPress does not have any plugins that are purely squeeze page builders. It will always come with the landing page builders that are used for the same purpose. 



This squeeze plugin is worth a mention because it being free. It is not used widely though. 

Icegram has helped over 40,000 bloggers in collecting the email addresses without losing any performance or speed on the blog! And all of the customers have been satisfied!

squeeze page builder: icegram

There is a choice wherein you can use any one or multiple tools to collect the emails. The tools will give your marketing strategy a different lookout. You can easily make your campaign stand out from your competitors. There is an option of pop-ups, stickies and badges, ribbons and many more features in the free version. There are ready-made templates also available! You can use those as well to get yourself started.

Apart from squeeze pages, you can make use of Icegram to make CTAs and email opt-in forms. 


  • Two-step opt-in available
  • Extremely decent and elegant design templates ready to use
  • Basic targeting rules 
  • 12 distinct kinds of Call-To-Actions to select from


squeeze page builder:  ultimate landing page

If you are a person who is not well-versed with coding, this is the best option for you. With the Ultimate Landing Page, you can test from a large range of landing page templates and generate your own landing page by split testing to get to know the perfect template for high conversion rates. Additionally, you can also integrate the plugin with the MailChimp Landing Page, you already have. You can create your own SEO-friendly Ultimate Landing with a single click!.

get wordpress

With the SEO Meta box, you can optimize the landing page with the proper Title tag, Meta Description, and Keywords. With this free squeeze builder plugin, you can get an elaborative variety of templates to pick from. Try different variants – then, you can choose the best one that you want. 

One additional thing you can do is that you can send out autoresponders by making customary HTML emails and then sending it out to the leads whenever the users choose to register. If you want, you can also make ‘launching soon’ pages on your blog or website. 


  • Pre-designed ready-to-go templates to select from
  • Extremely responsive templates
  • Customized JavaScript & CSS as well as color customizations
  • Supports shortcodes in landing page customization


wordpress landing page

If you are hunting for a free squeeze page builder with premium qualities, WordPress Landing Pages is the one you have been hunting for!

get wordpress

There is a huge variety of different types of templates that are available for landing pages. Most of these templates are the ones that are used as squeeze page templates. You can choose to use the visual editor provided by WordPress Landing Pages to create your own custom squeeze page for your website or blog. 

Another additional feature is that the plugin also will help you to keep a track of the conversations that are happening. You will also be able to improve the performance with A/B testing options.


  • A/B split testing feature 
  • Visual Editor to preview changes instantly
  • There is a library for the custom designs

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squeeze page builder: hubspot

HubSpot’s WordPress is one of the plugins you might want to take into account. It is something you should have as a marketer. It will help you to grow your business tremendously by giving you tools in order to convert your readers to your customers. 

hubspot signin

This plugin comes with additional tools. This includes landing page builder as well. With the drag-and-drop option, it makes it easier for you to build your own landing pages with the design that you want that will make your readers into your leads. 

It also takes into consideration users who might visit your page on your mobile as well.


  • Free forever plan with unlimited contacts
  • No need of pre-knowledge of coding – drag-and-drop option available
  • Access many marketing tools, including forms and email marketing


sumo landing page

This is a multi-purpose Sumo tool that is made specially to upgrade your email list. You have an option to use a popup option or a scrolling box for people to fill up their emails.

squeeze page builder: sumo

The tool that is used to create your squeeze page is the Welcome Mat. You can use this tool with other tools to generate the outcome you want.


  • Social Media sharing
  • Visitor Targeting
  • Onboard Analytics to track conversions


The above are options that you must think of. These are mostly the free ones out there. Some of them have premium versions as well. However, the free version tries to cover up most of your needs. There would not be a need of taking up the pro version if you explore the free version properly.


Are there any limitations to using free squeeze page builders for WordPress?

While free squeeze page builders offer a great value, they may have certain limitations such as limited design options or lack of advanced features. Additionally, some free builders may require you to upgrade to a paid version to access all the features you need.

How do I choose the right squeeze page builder for my WordPress site?

Choosing the right squeeze page builder for your WordPress site depends on your specific needs and goals. Consider factors such as design flexibility, ease of use, integration with email marketing services, and overall functionality when choosing a squeeze page builder.

Do I need any coding skills to use a squeeze page builder for WordPress?

No, you do not need any coding skills to use a squeeze page builder for WordPress. These tools are designed to be user-friendly and require little to no coding knowledge. However, if you have some coding knowledge, you may be able to customize the pages even further.

What are the benefits of using a free squeeze page builder for WordPress?

There are many benefits to using a free squeeze page builder for WordPress, including:

  • Ease of use: Free squeeze page builders are typically very easy to use, even for beginners. They usually have a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create and customize your pages.
  • Affordability: Free squeeze page builders are a great option for businesses on a budget. They offer all the essential features you need to create effective squeeze pages without having to pay for a premium plugin.
  • Flexibility: Free squeeze page builders are typically very flexible and allow you to create a wide variety of different squeeze pages. This means you can tailor your pages to your specific needs and goals.
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